3D Printing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - About 3D Printing & ABS Filament

I am in Canada. Can I order 3D filament from Gateway 3D Print?

Yes! We accept orders from Canada and continental USA! Please note: ALL pricing is in US funds.

What are the dimensions of your cardboard spools?

Our recyclable, cardboard spools have over-sized cores that fit most machines, and come in two sizes to accommodate our 250g and 750g rolls of filament. The following diagrams provide accurate measurements of our spools:

250g Spool Diagram

750g Spool Diagram

Are FREE SHIPPING offers available outside the United States?

Yes! Free shipping offers are available for deliveries to all Canadian Provinces and the Lower 48 States. Free shipping is UNAVAILABLE for International orders at this time.

What types of 3D printers has your ABS filament been tested on?

So far, we have tested our filament in-house and had it reviewed by third party makers on the following machines:

MakerBot Replicator 2X
Ultimaker 2
Lulzbot Mini
Lulzbot TAZ 1.0
Lulzbot Taz 4

Printrbot Simple Maker's Kit - Model 1405
Printrbot Simple Metal
WanHao Duplicator 4
Solidoodle Press

If I place an order online, will it arrive at my location in good condition?

Our recent survey indicates that all of our test shipments arrived in great shape to a variety of destinations in Canada and the USA!

Survey Results - Shipping

When printing with Gateway's ABS filament, what printer settings are recommended?

The following settings are suggestions made by our group of test users. If you have tried our ABS filament and would like to share your own tips, please feel free to send comments to: info@gateway3DPrint.com :

User 1:
Machine Used: Printrbot Simple Metal
Color of Filament: Metallic Silver
Thickness: 1.75mm
Settings: Extruder: 230°c - Bed Temperature: 85°c  - Layer Height: 0.2mm

User 2:
Machine Used: Lulz Taz 4
Color of Filament: Flesh Tone
Thickness: 2.85mm
Settings: Nozzle: 0.35 - Nozzle Temperature: 235°c - Bed Temperature: 95°c - Surface: PEI - Extrusion Width: 0.4mm - Layer Height: 0.2mm
Sample Created: 3D Quin Doll

User 3:
Machine Used: WanHao Duplicator 4
Filament: Flesh Tone
Thickness: 1.75mm
Settings: Machine: Replicator 2X - Software: MakerBot - Resolution: 0.1mm - Layer Height: 0.10mm
Sample Created: 3D Garment Label

User 4:
Machine Used: LulzBot Mini
Color of Filament: Citrus Yellow
Thickness: 2.85mm
Settings: Extruder: 240C - Heated Bed: 110°c - Resolution/Layer Height: 0.25mm

User 5:
Machine Used: Printrbot Simple Metal
Color of Filament: Cherry Red
Thickness: 1.75mm
Settings: Extruder: 230°c - Bed Temperature: 85°c - Resolution: 0.254mm - Layer Height: 0.10mm - Plate Temperature: 110C

User 6:
Machine Used: Solidoodle
Color of Filament: Alpine Green
Thickness: 1.75mm
Settings: Nozzle: 225°c - Bed Temperature: 80°c

User 7:
Machine Used: LulzbotTAZ 1.0
Color of Filament: Desert Sand
Thickness: 2.85mm
Settings: Extruder: Budasnozzle .35 - Temperature: 228°c that goes down to 200°c once the bottom layer is set
Bed Temperature: 80°c - Resolution: 0.14mm  Speed: 60mm/s
Note: I have to over-extrude by a factor of 1.05 which is indicative of all my filaments with this printer (Lulzbot TAZ 1.0)

User 8:
Machine Used: WanHao Duplicator 4
Color of Filament: Flesh Tone
Thickness: 1.75mm
Settings: Plate Temperature: 110°c - Layer Height 0.10mm

NOTE: These are not official guidelines. These are suggestions made by test users of our ABS filament.

What extra supplies and tools can be helpful for 3D printing projects? Our test users suggested:

  • Kapton Tape

  • Blue Painter's Tape

  • Gloves

  • Acetone

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Paper Towels

  • 3DLAC - for helping prints stick to the build plate

  • MK8 Extruder Gear

  • PEI sheets

  • Nozzles

  • Sandpaper

  • BuildTak

  • Hair Spray