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50 Year Old Canadian Company Launches 3D Filament Online Store


Gateway 3D Print – We’re Going To MAKE Your Day!

Winnipeg, Canada – JUNE 1, 2015 - Gateway 3D Print has arrived! We’re LIVE and we’re alive … with excitement about the launch of our new online store for 3D printing filament and supplies. 3D printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The 3D print market has exploded in recent years due to its increasing applications across different sectors such as consumer products and electronics, automotive, medical, industrial and aerospace. Gateway3Dprint.com is an online division of Gateway Group, a company with a 50 year history behind them. A Canadian based company with 50,000 square feet of on-site plastic extrusion and manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Canada. Our company’s history in the graphic arts industry as a supplier of binding elements and equipment has earned us a reputation for consistent quality and reliability. Gateway will continue to bring quality and reliability to the world of 3D printing. Our goal is to become your #1 source for ABS and PLA filaments.

Gateway has gained world recognition with their PLASTIKOIL® brand of spiral bookbinding. With representation in over 22 countries around the world, Gateway will leverage that network to bring our 3D filament to the makers of the world.

Gateway3DPrint.com is launching their online store offering high quality ABS filament in a stunning selection of 16 vibrant colors. Available in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm thicknesses, these, recyclable cardboard spools of filament are available in 250 g and 750 g weights. Gateway3DPrint.com will be introducing their PLA line by the summer of 2015.

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