Tools & Accessories

Stock up on handy tools and accessories to make your 3D printing projects a success. We have a fine selection of quality tools including Brass Cleaning Brushes and Brass Build Lifters in stock and ready to ship!

  • has 16 dynamic colors of premium quality ABS filament perfect for all of your 3D printing needs. Our handy 3D ABS Filament Color Chart proudly displays samples of each color produced to make it easy to choose colors for your next order. Get a FREE Color Chart with your first order over $10.00!

  • Your awesome build is stuck to the plate... Now what? Put down that spatula and pick up one of our handy Brass Build Lifters. This useful tool will slide between your build and the plate and with a twist of the wrist... Freedom!  The brass lifter is strong enough to release your builds but soft enough to not scratch or damage your build plate. (Packaged...

  • Sometimes things get messy. This handy brush allows you to easily clean your extruder nozzle of any excess plastic filament that’s been melted or burnt. The long wooden handle keeps your fingertips away from the hot surface and the brass bristles will not scratch or damage the nozzle. (Packaged individually - one per pack).

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